Looking into ringworm

This is example content found within Ringwormresolve.com ….    tinea corporis which means ring worm is potentially present on the body like legs, arms and body at different parts of body tinea is named by different names like tinea barbae, tinea facei, tinea pedis, tinea capitis etc. It can be treated with antifungal like miconazole, cotrimazole, ketaconazole, and resistant cases with terbinafine, you can see all stages of healing of tinea in my previous video here

…or something like this:

you can see ring worm on thighs, buttocks and groin, ring worm in groin region is known as tinea cruris, tinea on buttocks is known as tinea corporis, tinea on head is known as tinea capitis, you can see the lesions, the lesions are very itchy, when excoriated, they becomes painful, shows central clearing with circular margins. They can be treated easily by local application of antifungal ointment & oral intake of antifungals.