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Diagnosing Tinea Cruris

Tinea Cruris – Ringworm of the groin and on the Thighs

Diagnosing Tinea Versicolor

An infection on the skin, Tinea versicolor is caused by Malassezia globosa fungus. Tinea versicolor is also known as tinea flava or Dermatomycosis furfuracea. It contains majority of time hypopigmented lesions sometimes hyperpigmented lesions are also present. It can be easily treated by using tolnaftate solution, ketokonazole, and fluconazole.

Diagnosing Tinea Barbae

Tinea barbae is a kind of fungal infection, which spread from man to man who share barber’s shop, also known as barber’s itch.

Diagnosing Tinea Corporis, Tinea Capitis, Tinea Pedis