How Do You Get Ringworm Rash?

Ringworm rash is a type of skin condition that can affect dogs, cats, pet birds, mice, and people of all ages. It’s a skin condition, and despite the name it’s not actually caused by a worm but by a fungus called tinea. So if you’re concerned, you’re probably asking: how do you get ringworm rash?

It Affects People All over the World

That’s actually a question asked by so many people around the world. This skin condition isn’t limited to a particular geographic area. It can affect people in the United States, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom in Europe and South Africa in Africa, all the way to Australia and New Zealand.How do you get ringworm rash

There is also no age limit as to how old you are to get ringworm rash. People of all ages can suddenly show ringworm symptoms such as a red rash.

But children are especially susceptible to the skin infection. The immune systems of children are not as developed as those in adults, and they are also often in close contact with other children who may be carrying the fungi.

How Do People Pass on the Skin Infection?

Ordinarily, people’s bodies host a large number of fungi and bacteria. It’s not really a big deal. Some of the bacteria and fungi even have useful and beneficial functions for human bodies.

But some fungi, like the tinea, can grow on the skin and cause the infection. It’s not all that difficult for the fungi to travel from one person to another. It can be a direct contact, so if you hug a child or even shake the hand of a man who has this condition, you can be contaminated.

It doesn’t even have to be direct contact at all. You can share personal items that have touched an infected person, and then you can be infected as well. For example, you can share a blanket with an infected person, use a comb, touch the unwashed clothes, or come into contact with a pool or shower surface carrying fungi from the infected person.

In fact, you don’t even have to be infected through contact with an infected person. You can get the condition and the source can be an infected pet. Cats are particularly very common carriers of the tinea fungi.

In short, what causes ringworm is coming into contact with anything—a person, pet, or item—which is harboring the tinea fungus.

How Do You Know You Have Ringworm?

To be sure, you have to go to your doctor and they may diagnose the condition through some form of test such as a biopsy or a KOH exam. But most of the time, the doctor shines a blue light called a Wood’s lamp on the skin in a dark room to find out if you really do have ringworm. But you don’t have to wait for a doctor to guess you have ringworm.

You can just check for yourself, because often the ringworm rash is characterized by red, scaly, raised patches that re often itchy and may even ooze and blister. The edges of ring worms are usually sharply defined. The red patches are much redder around the outside while the center shows a normal skin tone, which resembles a “ring”.

It can affect your feet, and this ring worm condition is popularly known as athlete’s foot. If it affects your groin area, it’s called jock itch. It can also affect your body, your scalp, and even your beard.

If it affects your hair, you may find yourself sporting bald patches. If your nails are affected, you may find them turning thick and discolored, and they may even begin to crumble.

If you have these problems, you can try Phytozine as an over the counter treatment. You can also read up on the condition by scanning the articles in the Ringworm Resolve website, so you can be more familiar with the ringworm symptoms and you can find out about other treatment options.

So How Can You Avoid Getting Ringworm in the First Place?

There are some measures you can take so you can keep from getting ringworm.How do you get ringworm rash

  • Since athlete’s foot is a type of ringworm, you should make sure you keep your feet and your skin in general dry and clean. The fungi love it when your skin is moist and dirty.
  • It’s always a good idea to shampoo on a regular basis, so that your scalp is protected. This is especially true when you’ve just had a haircut.
  • As much as possible, you should refrain from using the personal items of other people, and you shouldn’t lend your personal items too. These items include your ball caps and hats, your combs and hairbrushes, and your clothes. After you use or lend out any these items, you should wash them and dry them thoroughly.
  • In pool, shower, and gym areas, you should make sure you don’t go barefoot. That’s a very common way to get the tinea fungus on your feet. Instead, wear sandals.
  • Be very careful of pets, especially when the animals don’t wash all that often. You should especially avoid any animal with a bald spot, as that’s a common sign that they are infected with tinea. Dogs, cats, and pet birds can all be carriers of the fungi.

Still, even with these preventive measures you may still get a tinea infection. When that happens, just make sure you keep the skin area dry and clean while you apply Phytozine and other anti-fungal solutions. Don’t wear anything that irritates the area, and make sure you wash your sheets and night clothes every day while you’re infected so it doesn’t infect you again.

Regardless of how do you get ringworm rash, you should pay a visit to your doctor if the ring worm infection becomes severe or if it begins to infect your hair. If the ringworm doesn’t seem to respond to your treatment in 4 weeks, or it keeps on coming back, your doctor can help solve this problem.